The world's first internet-only record label...dig?!

Mission Statement

Overall music sales are down. The economy is a bit iffy. New technologies are challenging traditional label paradigms, even DIYs. And the music industry as a whole is smarmier than ever.

Seemed like the perfect time for us to launch a new type of label. Because even though it often seems that music has hit an all time lowest common denominator of dubious taste (a million people can't be right about anything!), we all know that catchy, provocative music is still being created. The cup is more than half full, and we aim to do our small part in spilling some on you.

Reel to Reel Records is an independent record label founded in January of 2002 by a consortium of forward-looking music professionals bent on breaking the boundaries of traditional music models. Two and a half years later we are taking our artist-friendly philosophy of development and community building to the next level on this very website.

Reel to Reel Records is now the first ever digital-only music label of it's kind. Each artist on the roster has been given a unique day on which to release a brand new single every month of the year- so the website is now your source for new music a minimum of seven times a month. Each single costs the consumer only one dollar and all profits are split evenly with our artists. Everyone's happy- dig?

Though important advances in digital technology have given Reel to Reel Records a modern sheen, it is really a throwback to the golden age of 45s. Long before CDs and even long player albums, the music business was all about single records. Though we are going high-tech, there is a retro element involved in our new business strategy as well. We are pleased to return to the roots of the music- the singles themselves.

We are also committed to releasing only the highest quality of music. We are determined to properly develop our artists. We are enthusiastic about creating a true community of music lovers. We are modestly optimistic. And we are most pleased to have you join us in our new adventure at

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