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How do I download a song?

Once you've purchased the song or songs, you will be immediately e-mailed a link where you will find the information related to your items and instructions on how to download them. Once at the site, it's a simple right click of your mouse. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Note that the DownLinks will expire in 48 hours. You will need to request additional downloads after that time period.

How do I find it once I've downloaded it.

Each Reel to Reel song begins with "r2r". Do a search for that and you'll find it with the extension ".mp3".

How do I play an MP3?

Minimum Requirements: A 486 based computer is a minimum requirement, but Pentium is recommended. Once you've verified that your system meets the minimum requirement, grab an MP3 player.

How Do I Transfer My MP3's Onto A CD?

This process is often referred to as "burning".

With most burning software today, it is not necessary to convert your MP3's into another format as they do this automatically. If this is NOT the case, read on.

To convert MP3's into an audio CD, you first need to convert your MP3 files to WAV, AIFF or PCM format. This task can be achieved by using one of the MP3 utilities listed here. When you have all the files ready, you can record them into an audio CD by using your CD burner. Of course, either a CD-R drive or CD-RW drive is also required, a standard CD-ROM drive will not do. A blank CD-R or CD-RW is also necessary. Various decoders and encoders can be found here.

Why would someone want an MP3 decoder?

The purpose of an mp3 decoder is to convert audio data in compressed format (i.e. mp3) to uncompressed format like .WAV, AIFF, or PCM.  The uncompressed data can then be edited or burned to a CD for use in most common CD players (home, car, etc.).

There are several factors that influence the all around quality of a burn such as the amount of free system resources, drivers, and of course the MP3 itself. Though, in most cases, your actual CD-RW drive has the most influence, along with the blank CD-R/CD-RW you choose to use. Nearly all CD-RW drives come with a list from the manufacturer that lists which CD-R's/CD-RW's they have tested and decided work best and most the efficiently with that particular drive. This should be a starting point to deciding which CD's to purchase and use.

How do I play my songs on a regular stereo?

To actually play on an audio CD player, the music has to be recorded in standard audio CD format, which is different from the format used for data CD ROM disks. The audio data is actually stored as uncompressed PCM data at 44.1 KHz sampling rate, 16 bit stereo samples. This is similar (although not exactly the same) to the format of uncompressed WAV files on your computer. To play songs on an audio player, you will have to burn them to CD-R disks using burner software that supports the creation of audio CD's (most do). For many burner programs, you will first need to convert the MP3 files to WAV files, which can be done using a program such as Winamp.

If you have an IPOD or mp3 player, you can attach the headphone jack from your player into your stereo using an adapter you can find at a local electronics store. You can also do this from your personal computer.

How Do I Record My MP3's To A Tape?

If you want to record the songs you have in MP3 format onto an audio tape for playing in your walkman, car stereo, etc., you just need to connect the line-out socket of your sound card to an input that can feed your tape recording deck and then set the record levels.

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