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Each artist on Reel to Reel has an exclusive day of every month on which they will release a brand new single, available digitally only on this Web site and only from Reel to Reel Records. The future of music has arrived- so join us by visiting weekly to hear the best new music.

Featured Artists


CQ (Brooklyn, NY)

CQ website

CQ - Morse code for “seek you” - is a singer/songwriter/studio tech with a mild case of OCD intent on rescuing pop music from its commercial malaise. He locked himself in a small studio with a variety of instruments and CDs by Elliott Smith, Sebadoh, Burt Bacharach and Phil Spector and over the next few years will unveil the results: a cycle of acoustic-based tunes known collectively as Signals of Distress (and Unending Joy).

Laneview (NYC)

Laneview website

Laneview picks up where their former incarnation- Driver X- left off: blending the band’s intricate structuring of catchy songs with a propulsive post-punk sensibility. But it is simultaneously a unique jumping off point that seamlessly incorporates musical touchstones that have influenced Laneview’s development as a band: modern indie-rock, multi-layered 60’s orchestration, lo-fi gambits and guitar conversations both subtle and overt. The band features Will Croxton, Chris Standish and Phil Yanos. Previous releases include Super 12 (as Driver X).

Christopher Sullivan (Chicago, IL)

Christopher Sullivan website

Singer/Songwriter Christopher Sullivan debuts his new band, Darkroom Lights, with the track “Empire State”. A tune inspired by his dual city existence living in Brooklyn and flying back and forth to Chicago where he now resides. The song is a leaping off point for this melodic power trio, also featuring Josh Hines on bass and Douglas Shelby on drums, whose solid and ethereal backbeat is a perfect pairing with Sullivan’s chiming electric attack. Melancholy yet dynamic pop from Darkroom Lights.

The Royal Wylds (Wherever the tape machine is rolling)

The Royal Wylds website

Featuring finger-style blues guitar, garage stomp & trip hop beats, the Royal Wylds mix pop and politics and have drawn comparisons to Tom Waits, Beck, TV on the Radio and the Clash, but hey, let em live their own life. The Royal Wylds are Will Croxton (ex-Idle, Driver X), Ivan Julian (Richard Hell & the Voidoids, Matthew Sweet), Al Maddy (Joey Ramone, Nitecaps, Dots), Stephen Lewis (The Oranj), Tom Keiber and James Burke.








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